14 October 2009

I've Got My Pajamas On

I've still got my pajamas on and it's night time.  And I don't mean I just put my pajamas on.  I mean, I never took them off today.  All day.  And it was a school day!

 This is cause for celebration.  I've reached a very important goal in my life.  I've always wanted to do it but, I just haven't been able to.  Guilt.  It's all about the guilt.  My mom never wore her pajamas all day.  She was dressed and made up beautifully before she took us to school in the morning. That's a terrible thing to do to a  kid.  I've had problems ever since.  How do you live up to that?

We get up early around here, and it's not my fault.  For the past 30 years I have had kids of some size or shape or color that have had to get to school in the morning.  And wouldn't you know it, you have to feed them first.  I'll tell ya, it's always something.  This means we have to get up around 6 am.  I started out life as a "night person".  Then I had kids.  And that's all there is to say about that.

  About the time I needed the school bus for my kids, they passed Prop 13 in the Great State of California, and poof!  No more bus!  This means that I have had to get up early for 30 years now.  This messes horribly with my status as a "night person". 

Now, since I'm not a "morning person," and I'm stunted by my children from being a "night person," I just don't sleep at all.  Never.  No really, just ask my husband. 

So, I decided that my goal this year would be to spend at least one day in my pajamas.  One entire day.  I try to keep my goals high.  It's just the way I roll.  I've tried and failed and tried and failed again.  Last week I put a sweatshirt on over my pajamas and made it all the way to school.  We pulled up and around the drop off line and I was just smirking.  Tsssk.  I have my pajamas on.  I'm in the drop off line at school, right here in my mini van, and I still have my pajamas on!  I'm a wild thing. 

Then, I drove home fast.  Really fast, because all the way home all I could think of was, if I get in an accident, not only do I not have on my prettiest underwear, (cardinal rule in case of accident).  I have my pajamas on!  I pulled into the garage, hit the power button and closed that garage door tight.  I ran into the kitchen, through the family room and right up the stairs to my bedroom where I speedy quick, pulled on a pair of jeans and threw on a shirt.  My life is exhausting.

Today I threw all guilt aside.  Sorry mom.  I got right into my car this morning, and I drove all the way to school in my pajamas.  I went clean through that drop off line and dumped gently bid my daughter adieu.  She never even noticed that I was still wearing my pajamas.  And that parents, is the beauty of texting. She gave me a kiss, got out of the car, slammed gently shut the door, and never even looked up from her texting.  These kids today.  They're  so talented.

I drove home guilt free.  I'm tenacious when I have a goal.  I am a free spirit!  I parked right out in the front of my house this morning. No stinking garage for me.  I don't have to hide my bad self from anybody!  I rock.  I rock and roll.  There are no bounds to my badness now.  I cannot be stopped!

I just love it when I reach a goal in my life.  It's good for my self esteem and I feel very proud.  Today was a great day.  My name is Tia, and I am a pajamaholic.  

Tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow I just might wear my other pajamas.  And my best underwear, 'cause, well you just never know.

"I've got my pajamas on."

"Before I go to bed I'm going to run around."
"I'm standing on my head
And the world is upside down."

Thank you  Livingston Taylor and Maggie Taylor
From the song "Pajamas".

Nighty, night!



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