11 June 2010

Doggy Day At The Beach

It's been a long nine months of remodeling.  My pups are at the end of their proberbial rope.
Kieran has all but given up all hope of a day at Doggy Beach.  

Bailey too, today she told me I could just forget it.  She's just gonna lie here until she dies.  (She tends to be a wee bit over dramatic.)  

I got the message though.  Hurry up and get us back in our cottage so we can relax for the summer and go to Doggy Beach again!  As for the remodel.  They're pretty much over it.

But I know you guys aren't over it.  You've barely just experienced it!  Certainly we aren't over it. We're at the tail end of it and in a way, in a big way, this is only the beginning.  Have you ever been close to a deadline you've set for yourself for a big project?  Tying up all the loose ends,  losing sleep over things undone.  Outta time, outta money, outta luck!  That's us right now so until later in the week when I can clear out a little dust so my camera lens doesn't get chocked up or get asthma or something worse.  I'll have to leave you with this tiny update.  I hope you don't get as frustrated with me as my pups are.  At the end, you and me and the pups can watch a cute utube video about dogs at the beach and you can see what mine are dreaming about.  Now if their people would just cooperate, life would be grand.

But first lets talk bathtubs.  My new one came in the mail today.  
Some things are just not meant to be.  This tubby and I for instance.  Some tubs are too big, some tubs are too small and some tubs are just right.

This one was too small.  Even for me.  I'm smiling because I was so excited that it finally came.  It's nice and deep.  Good for soaking, but my knees are practically up to my chin. Do you see that? That will never do.  I gots to streeeeetch out my weary bones at the end of the day.  Tubby is re-crated and shipped back to the place from whence it came.  New one (4" longer) will be here any day.  Ahh, so close, and yet so far.

So in the meantime, since I can't get into my cottage to take pictures, with all the people working in there.  Due to all the sawdust and hammering and sawing and goings on, seeing as we're moving in only 2 weeks.  Due to all that and the fact that I STILL haven't picked my flooring!  I'm forwarding you this cute video of Doggy Day At The Beach.  My sis in law sent this original youtube video to me and I hope you beach/dog lovers like it as much as I did.  You're welcome!



Hope you enjoyed it.  Bailey did!  She told me it was almost as good as the real deal.




Heaven's Walk said...

How fun to see your sweet pups, Tia! Luving your new tub, too! We have one in our master bath that is original to our home (built in 1895)....and ya know what? The only one who's used it (so far) is our pooches! lol! (When did life get so busy that a tired boho beach chic doesn't have time to soak in her tub at the end of a long day? lol! That's gotta change! :)

Hope the new tub works out better for you and looking forward to seeing the new one, as well as your new flooring!

Hugs ~


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Your dogs are so cute. And the video was a hoot.
Izzy is napping now after all her swimming today.

Hey the tub is really nice if you were short like me. :-) You sent it to my address right?

bermudabluez said...

I recognize that video!! I posted it awhile ago...LOVE it!!

Your dogs are just adorable!!! Bet they can't wait til the cottage is done either.

May your bigger bathtub bring you happiness!!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Lori - thanks for visiting my blog and....yes! I am POSITIVE that cherry ice cream will work for you! lol! Mmmmm....love the thought of homemade ice cream, too!

Have a great day!