04 August 2010

She's Sweet 16 - You Vote

This is my babiest of babies.  The youngest of my five.  She's one of three sisters and two brothers.  Maggie had a birthday this week making her officially, SWEET 16!  S W E E T.

She only wants two things for her birthday.

#1 = her drivers license.  (shhhhh.  Don't tell her I said this because I don't want to dash her dreams and all but), when I approached her Papa about this one, he asked me if I was out of my ever lovin mind?

What?  Ever lovin, what?  "Nah," said I.  "I lost that a long time ago".  Right along, about the time we started this Cottage By The Sea, redo idea of yours.  Hmmm. "

Let me just let y'all in on, our family policy. The kids and I, we always give their dad the benefit of the doubt.  I've trained them to always and respectfully ask his sage advise.  Well, on almost all things.  Not on say, foreign matters or Presidential policy in Afghanistan or anything.  But, always on matters which will take a credit card or a big check.  So far he has rebutted our requests regarding Maggie's #1 wish for her drivers license.  Here forth were our arguments for debate.  This is kind of how the scene played out.

Me:  So, um, honey.  Maggie's birthday is coming up and more than any, any, anything, she really, really, really, wants to get her driver's license.

Hubby:  Her Drivers License?  The other kids didn't get their driver's license until they were 17.  I think maybe they were even in their Senior Year of High School.

Me:  Well, Tara got hers when she was 16 because it's all she ever wanted and so you said yes to her.

Silence.  Fade out.

Me:  And honey, just because the others were rare freaks of nature and didn't even care about getting their drivers license until they were 17, why should Mag's have to wait if it's what she really, really, wants?

Hubby:  Are you kidding?  Letting Tara get her drivers license at 16 is the exact reason Maggie is, no way, getting hers at 16!

Silence.  Fade out.

Me:  Yeah but, if she had her license I wouldn't have to make that 1 hour round trip drive to take her to school every day.  Two hours if you count picking her up!  Come on, it's my easy out and we can count it as a birthday present = win/win.  Pretty great, right?

Silence.  Fade out.

Me again:  So, I take that as a big fat yes, right?  Right honey?

Hubby:  No way.

Me:  Heavily pleading our her case now.  But, look at her.  Just look at that face.  How can you say no to that face?

Hubby:  NO flipping way!

Me:  Okay.  For now.

Me:  I think I'm gonna let my blog readers vote then, K?

Silence.  Fade out.

She's a stunner, our girl Maggie, on the inside and on the out.  She's full of angel kisses; just look at her.  You can tell by the sweet wee freckles dancing across her  face.  I'm watching out for her like white on rice. She goes - I go - I go - she goes.  Hee, hee, hee.

I'm sure I've introduced her to you several times before but, because I don't want you to be deprived, here's a quick link which is an example of,  I go — she goes.  She has to go.  She's the baby.  I got nobody else, K?  Besides that, she loves to shop.  I'm just doing her a favor.  That's just the kinda mom I am.

November is National Maggie Day  We'll see you there next year!  Until then, did you know that Maggie's favorite flower is a Daisy?

Maggie loves Daisy's

These are some of Maggie's peeps.  I drove a total of six, (6) yes, SIX hours so that I could get Maggie to her favorite restaurant to spend her 16th birthday with of her favorite friends.  I know she'll thank me later, when she's all grown up.  

We've been banished from the cottage until move-in, for various and sundry reasons.  Way, way, up here in the mountains — far away from the sea (but not too shabby).  More on that later.  Wish you were here.  But she wished she were there.  Therefore, that's where I took her.  She's worth it.  Look at her happy face and her cute friends.  My baby is Sweet 16!

Okay, now, whilst keeping your mind on what your vote will be as to Maggie getting her driver's license, lets get to the other thing Maggie really, really, needs wants for her birthday. 

Wish #2
What?  Well, now it's not just a matter of wants, it's a matter of, of.  You can see for yourself, right there.  Look at that!  Her cell phone just got dropped right in her cake!

Tell me she didn't?  She wouldn't?  She couldn't!  She didn't?  She DID.  Ewwwww.  My germaphobiholic tendencies have now kicked into high gear, and I don't even know if I can finish this post.  Whew-whew- whew-whew-whew

Okay.  I'm okay.  But Maggie, it may be a much harder sell to your dad now.  Case in point.

Me:  So um, honey, about Maggie getting an upgrade on her cell-phone for her birthday?

Hubby:  Why does she need an upgrade?  What the heck (words may have been changed cleaned up, to protect the innocent).  I see her using that phone 24/7.  What's the matter with the phone she has?

Me:  Well, Sweets, she wants the new double bonanza two gun indestructible magnum water proof spill proof (still need proof)? Version of her old, tatty, germ y, frosting filled, old phone.

Hubby:  She doesn't even take care of the one she has.

Me:  Case in point.  You got it spot on dear.  You're absolutely right, and that's why she needs the new, double bonanza two gun indestructible magnum water proof spill proof version.  Besides that, if she gets the new double bonanza two gun indestructible magnum water proof spill proof version she can talk on the phone AND take a shower OR text WHILE she surfs!  Whaat up?  Come on, how cool is that?  

Hubby:  Just what every 16 year old needs.

Me:  Yep.  And I guess I'll take that as a ...   y e s? ...

Silence.  Fade Out.

Okay people.  Friends of Maggie everywhere unite.  What do you think?  Drivers license?  Look at this face one more time before you decide.
Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Pleeeze?????
Spiffy new cell phone?  She can text you while she's surfing for pete's sake!

You get to help decide.  Hopefully this will buy her a little more time, and maybe a little more wiggle room in the debate with her dad.  I'll just sit right here and wait for you to decide.  No hurry.  I'll be just sitting right here waiting until sunrise on Friday.  Take your time.  I got nothing else to do but just sit here and check my email.  I'll just be sitting here waiting for your decision comments.  But you only have until sunrise on Friday because, THAT'S WHEN WE'RE MOVING HOME TO THE COTTAGE.  COTTAGE BY THE SEA IS READY FOR US TO COME HOME!!!  YOU'VE BEEN THE MOST AWESOME, PATIENT, SWEET BLOGGY FRIENDS AND FAMILY EVER.  POSTS AND PICTURES FORTHCOMING!

But, in the meantime, like I said, I'll just sit right here and patiently (you know me); and patiently, wait.  Until sunrise.  On Friday.

Until then, you might want to take a look at this post, just so you can tell for sure what your vote should be.  After all, you can see how responsible, how balanced, how much She needs a new ride!
Oh and Maggie, I hope you get that indestructible phone darlin,'  and my vote is pro for the license girl.  But Mag's, those things will be all the compensation you'll get from me. Because, being as you're my babiest baby, my last baby at home.  I've made a very well thought out and serious decision based on the blatent facts.  You are never leaving home.  Ever.  Never.  Ever. 

God loves you my wee one, and I do too.  Happy, joyous, love filled birthday and happily ever-after xoxoxo


Love you more than all the kinds of ways my girl wants her drivers' license and a new phone!  


bermudabluez said...

Yes...to the license AND to the phone! Go for it. She will only be sixteen once!! Happy BDay to your baby!!

fairmaiden said...

I vote no on the license...sorry to rain on your parade. I just don't trust the roads these days...too many dangerous drivers out there that can hurt her. Mine don't get theirs till 18 and they are fine with it. Actually my daughter got hers at 17. But the DMV makes it so difficult if you try and get it before 18 here in the Sacramento, Ca area. And we have to pay hundreds to get drivers ed. Has she had drivers ed?

The phone...yes. Gotta get her something right! And sweet sixteen is such a special birthday...one we remember the rest of our lives. I still have my sweet sixteen charm from my charm bracelett.

Happy happy to your beautiful Maggie.

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Tia! you are one fabulous writer!! You had me laughing the whole time..... I vote a big fat YES! Now I have to go and catch up on why you have been banished from the cottage until move in....
Susan :)

Karen said...

Ummm.. OK, I'm not gonna be your favorite, here. Get the cellphone upgrade..have her wait till she's 17 for her license. My daughter was 16 when she got hers, she is/was a very responsible kid, good grades, good friends, great kid who listens to her parents. Three months after getting her license she had a horrible car accident right near our home and was in a coma for weeks, we almost lost her, and she suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was not speeding, she was driving on a wet road on her way home, 15 minutes late for curfew. 27 miles per hour, head on into a tree around a curve. We are LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY she is here today and doing fine with very minor disabilities. HOWEVER... the ER doctors said clearly they wish no one got their license until they were atleast 17 and were required to have more experience behind the wheel before setting out on their own.

SO.. yeah, I'de drive her one more year that hours worth of back and forth. But, that's just me and I hate to sound so negative on your blogspace.

NanaDiana said...

Oh Tia! I can't believe your BABY is 16! I remember when the last of our 4 turned 16. There was a bittersweetness to it. It's like you know that you are never to have another "little one" of your own again~and you begin to wonder what your life is going to be all about when they have flown. There's a type of wonderment, too, as you look at this beautiful 16 year old "child" and think...I did this....this rarity is my own! I soooooo GET IT!

As to the driver's license. I have to tell you-our oldest daughter got hers at 16. She was absolutely READY-mature, cautious, respectful, etc. Two of the others were a little later than 16. The 4th & last one didn't get his until he was well past 17-almost 18. He was NOT READY...and he knew it (although he wouldn't admit it). However, if SHE is ready...really ready...here's the argument. If she is responsible and careful she will be much better off driving herself somewhere (read that as safer) than she would be riding with a not-so-careful friend that might "take chances" and end up in an accident. I was much more comfortable with our Tara driving than I was when she was riding with friends...and that will happen..the riding, I mean.

So....don't know whether that helped or not. As to the cell phone....hmmmm...I don't know how she has been using the one she has. (Sorry-you're looking for the truth, right?) However, if your hubby is anything like mine-and he sounds like he might be- Good Luck With That!

Speaking of being a germaphobe-yeah-I'm one too. If you get a chance check out my blog today because it is, basically, about GERMS! lol Hugs to you my dear friend....AND...I'll believe you are IN the house when I actually see a picture of you SITTING there! Diana

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I don't get a vote - I don't have children. People hate me when I comment on such matters.

But I can tell you your daughter is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I vote yes on the Driver License!!
But then again thats because I really want to get it! And to all those poeple saying my parents had to pay alot of money for drivers ed, actually I have a job and Im paying for some of it with my own money that I earned.

thanks for the detication.
and that dad still hasnt taken me to get the phone. So I rather trade that request in for the D.L
LOve you and see you 2morrowe morning!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Everybody who left a comment about Maggie's fate, THANKS! I've tried to email you but only some have gone through. I don't know if it's my connenction or what. On some I keep getting a no reply forward. What the heck does that mean? I'll keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to see cottage progress! You're not gonna like this. My son got his permit at 16 and his driver's license at 18. I taught him to drive for 2 years because I did not want him behind the wheel until he had some ease with driving and knew what he was doing.

The cell phone? If she's already responsible with use, heck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to see new pics of cottage!

Guerrina in Ledyard, CT

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

LOl! She's in between my two daughter's ages. I can relate. My older one will be 17 next month, and she's still not driving. My 15yo is chomping at the bit already. They share a cell phone (aren't I an awful mom, making them share?) and think they need a new one too. They get a free one when I upgrade, and I just haven't seen a need to yet. I like my old phone. It doesn't stop them from pleading though :-)I guess I'm more like your hubby, and my hubby's more like you. All they have to do with dad is bat those pretty lashes :-) In my house, I'm the one voting "no" and dh is the one saying "maybe". I don't think this is helping Maggie's case though. She sure is a beauty!

deborah said...

I say Yes to both the Learner's Permit and the phone! Happy Birthday Maggie! You are so pretty, just like your mom.
Moving In Day? Yippeeeee!!!

deborah said...

I voted but it didn't show here...yes to both!
Happy Birthday Maggie!

Helene said...

She's such a beautiful girl!! Wow, what a knock-out!!! Just like her Mama!!

I vote yes for the cell phone upgrade but no for the license. Not so much that she can't be trusted to drive a car but there are so many crazies out there on the road that THEY can't be trusted. I know there's always a chance for it to happen no matter what age she is but 16 just seems so young.

But you know, my kids are still young so I may feel differently when they're teenagers!!!

Happy 16th birthday to Maggie!!!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Yes on the driving, no on the phone. We had a curfew for the car when our young drivers were still in school. They would have it home by dark, and then take their bikes out for a later return. Every year teens die off like flies when they are out reveling in their new driving privileges. We were spared that grief. Driver's Education was also something we insisted on. (that also gave us a break on the insurance costs.)

Phones and their expensive payment plans should be theirs and their alone. If she already has one to use in emergencies.....

Well, that's my vote. Have fun convincing the Dad. :) Rosemary

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

She looks very precious and I'd worry about her driving around. It's a tough decision. Nope, I can't decide. I don't know what to do. Could you get her a personal chauffeur?

Kate said...

I vote that you get her a waterproof floating cooler so that we can eat otter pops while we surf. This solves all the problems because you wouldn't need to text if you were eating delicious frozen popsicles while surfing and who would want to drive anywhere with such a fun activity right in our own front yard? Your welcome.
Kate McKenna

Teri said...

My DH and I are really lucky in that my son (he'll be 17 in Sept)has no interest in getting his DL yet. He says as long as his friends don't mind hauling him around, he's good to go. So, if he wants to wait until his Sr. year, that's fine with us. :) Now, the cell phone is a different story. I think we've been through about 5 so far. LOL!

lubious said...

Sorry Lori - Scott is spot on. Drivers Permit for a year and then license after that - as close to 17 as possible. We're in the exact same boat (Jack turns 16 next Wednesday and we're going to stretch it out.

Give her the phone though!!!

Anonymous said...

Checking in everyday! Are you moved in yet????????? :) So looking forward to seeing your new home all put together!

Guerrina in Ledyard, CT

piecemeal people said...

I don't think you're too much more mature at 17 than you are at 16, and a new driver is a new driver no matter how old they are...so I say yes to the license!

And she's a beautiful girl.

Sena Fontane said...

I'm pregnant but have no children just yet, but i would say give in to her she is beautiful!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Just thought I'd check in and say "hi". I hope the move went well. I'm sure you've been very busy :-)