10 December 2012

Don't Miss His Birthday Party!

Don't Miss His Birthday Party!

It's Advent.  At our home we await the birth of our savior.  We prepare our home and our hearts as we prepare for his birthday.

We respectfully acknowledge that this is also a time that those with non Christian beliefs have their special holiday celebrations.  It's an exciting time for so many and we all have so much to be thankful for.  Whatever your belief's, it's about life and about love and, well, these holidays are all about hope, right?

While we await His birth around here at our cottage, we decorate with all the traditional ribbons and garlands and holly and everything that brings a little more hope and light into each day.  What do you fill your home with during the holidays?

From our home to yours,  wherever you may be, let us share our Christmas cheer!

The first thing we do is go to Home Depot and buy our tree.  This fills the whole house with the heavenly scent of pine, which is scrumptious in and of itself when outside you mostly have palm trees.
I'm not complaining, just saying.

I used to have 10 little hands helping me to place the ornaments on the tree.  Now it's just me.  Lest you cry for my desertion, as natural as it may be, things change regardless of my crying and weeping.  My hubby is still here and he hangs hundreds of lights just for me, from the tree, to the mantel, from the bedrooms to the front porch and all over the outside of the house.  He even dangles off the roof to appease me; now that's some true lovin', right?

 This year I disassembled  (for the season) my collection of glass floats and hung them on the tree.  I love the way they add a seaside vibe to my tree and they reflect the light from my old fashioned, very old, lights!  Here's a pretty green float.  I also included, yellow, red and lots of shades of blue ones.

You didn't think I'd forget my Irish did you?  This is just one of my many ethnic heritage bulbs, that hang on my Christmas tree.  xoxox

 A peek at the yellow glass float.  They're clear so you can also see the rope behind them.
So darn purty!

 My grandson Nicholas is ready.  He can't wait to celebrate the birthday of Our King.  Do you think he can wait until 25th December?

This is our mantel.  A good example of just a few of the lights I coerced my hubby  my hubby so willingly strung for me.  My vision is his burden.  Because,  you see, I believe you can NEVER have too many lights :)

Years ago when our kids were just little, my good friend Terri and I got together at her house and made tree skirts.  It's one of my favorite all time Christmas memories capped with lots of laughter, cider and the warm love that good friendships bring.   Mine is made of felt and beads and colorful jewels for the wise men!  It's a real treasure, and I'm sure my kids will fight to the death over it when I die.   Hahahahahahahahah!  ("Hello, Salvation Army, can you come pick up all the photo albums and this old tree skirt?")  My children aren't very nostalgic (YET).  You may see this for yourselves if you scroll to the bottom of the blog link postet here, and see how my son (whose thoughts pretty much represent that of all his siblings) feels about my Christmas decor.  Christmas Doves.  Remember Cooper, Santa sees you when you're naughty!

A wee bit more Irish has made me nostalgic for #1 on my bucket list.  To spend Christmas in Ireland!  If my husband hears that one more time, he may not be so willing to string all those lights for me anymore but, I'm willing to risk it.

A little sand and sea brings me joy all times of the year.  Hasn't He done a great job of decorating for his birthday this year?

And lest you weary of my Christmas decor.  One last photo just for silliness sake.  This is what my pup thinks of all this merriment...  I think he's saying in his little doggy body language, "there she goes again!"

Ah well, he doesn't know that there's a big rawhide under the tree just for him yet.  Shhhh.


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