13 July 2013


 This is not a face only a mother could love.  EVERYBODY loves this face xoxo

 This is a face you can play with because she is pliable, fun, and has a good sense of humor
(for a dog).

Her favorite thing in the world is to go on a (walk) but, you have to whisper it if your intentions aren't immediate or she'll bark until you come through with your promise.

She and her big brother are inseparable, although he gets a bit testy with her playfulness.  He's 91 now and all her energy exhausts him.  She can be very immature.

 She pouts.

 She begs.

 She gets sleepy and believes in the healthy strategy of a long nap every day.  That's a good plan for life quality in a dog.

She tries to see eye to eye with everybody.  Especially Maggie, since Maggie's room is where she sleeps.

 Unless they don't see eye to eye, and she sleeps here.

 Halloween is her favorite holiday because she gets to wear her girly bow.

 Sometimes just being a puppy wears her out.

She LOVES her rawhide chewy's.  I can bribe her to do anything with the promise of one.  Just don't try to take it back once you have given.

 Have you ever seen such fluffy feet?  Hers, not mine.

 Sleepy yawn.

Funny, furry, face kisser, foot-chaser, paper tearer, tummy rub, tail-chasing, kitty stalking, soft, sweet, cuddly love.  Bailey - yes, named after Bailey's Irish Cream.  It's true, we name our dogs after booze. 

Cockapoodledoodles - hypo allergenic.  Love all wrapped up in a coat of hypo allergenic, non shedding fur.  This momma's best friend.

How about you?  Do you have a best friend you love?  A furry one?  LUCKY YOU!

Love you more than the God given, spectacular sunset we had tonight.

Summer Blessings,


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