23 August 2013

Bless The Little Children

GOD, "I love and adore this kid."
Introducing Nick.   Ah, what can I say about Nick that hasn't been said - see shirt above.

 But.. One never knows what lay deep in the heart of a child.

 Really deep, man.

Nick is packed full of energy, obviously adorable, crazy as all get out with his stealth karate moves, his wicked good football strategies (run full force right at 'em) and his wild break dance moves would bowl you over.  Literally.

But it's his heart, his precious blessed heart that endears me to my youngest grandson Nick.  In first grade, this summer, Nick decided to write a song book for the family's Priest.  If this doesn't melt his heart, well it did mine, and I dare you not to smile.

He wrote these all by himself.  The boy knows how to keep busy and he's a pretty good speller too!

His penmanship is to be admired.  I should write this well!
I believe that Eve gave Adam the apple though, but lets not get picky.

Ah, and this is so true.  Their souls ARE alive!

Don't do it again!

So true.  Nick has it down pat.

I may or may not have been shedding tears by now.

That's correct Nick and I think you might be a saint when you grow up.  But that could just be the grannie in me talking.

Take the stuff all you seven year olds (and older!)

 Sorry, but if you knew Nick, this is more his usual position.  Standing on his head!  I couldn't resist.

Not only did Nick write these all by himself.  When he presented them to me he chanted them all, one by one, in Gregorian Chant.  Don't y'all tell me kids don't listen in church.  They're like sponges!

All of these songs are now bound in a home made folder, ready to present to Fr Rich.  Personally, I think he should be matriculated directly to his next Sacraments, don't you?

God bless the little children, they are precious in His sight.

Wish I could say I love you more than I love Nick.  But... Well you know.

Stay just the way you are little buddy.  God loves you and I do too.

Happy Sunset.


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