26 September 2009


Wait.  Whose foot is that?  Whoa, who cares whose foot that is, what's that I see under that foot?

I'm not sure but, let me get my bifocals on.  Someone.  Anyone.  Help me out here!

Let me get my hanky and just — wipe, spit, wipe.
Yes, yes I do believe that is actual, real, red oak.  Original to the cottage.  56 year old wood.  Well, 56 years since it was custom cut, and laid piece by piece over post and pier.

And then someone unknown to me but, someone I now love dearly for this.  

Got on their hands and knees and sanded, stained and varnished that oak until it shone in all its hand hewn, wooden glory.  Mellow and beautiful.  Look at the grain.  Look at the color.  Beautiful. So beautiful.  I may cry.  Yes, I am going to cry.  Hang on just a minute.  It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.  You'd cry to if it happened to you!  They're HAPPY tears.

And that is just

Serendipitous (as in "serendipitous") adj.: being lucky in finding things you were not looking for.

I just love serendipity, don't you?




Emma said...

Serendipity is such a great word. And I love it when I have those moments!

croneandbearit said...

How awesome to find such a treasure lying underneath the vinyl floor? I ripped up part of our carpeting and found nasty plywood. Sigh. I love that you took on such a renovation project. It's all I can do to look at carpet swatches. LOL Now I soooo want my own cottage by the sea...or at least more southern than Ohio...brrr... Hugs!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! The red oak is beautiful. Loving how you quoted Lesley Gore! Oldies are amazing. :D