24 September 2009

R I P - I'm Missing You

This is an amazingly beautiful Bird of Paradise.  Don't you think so?
I have loved it, and watched it grow since we moved in to the cottage several years ago.
It was just a baby then but, I watered and fed it and gave it daily compliments
and praise so as to boost its self esteem.

Year after year these two buds would start out together, just little pods,
hiding in the leaves, playing in the dirt.
They always stayed beside each other and gave each other the support of friendship,
as they grew bigger and stronger.

It seemed like they always waited, one patiently for the other.
Then one day the slower one would catch up with the more mature one,
and they would bloom together in all their magnificance and grandure.  I
especially,  found it poignet and romantic.  But, that's just the way I am.
Poignet and romantic.

Hi guys.  You've all come out to play!  Until....
One day -

A bunch of huns, hoodlems, monsters, you could say they were
barbarians really, came to dismantel the little cottage where those beauties lived.
They showed no mercy.  They disregarded everyone's feelings as they
ravaged and pilaged and plunged.  They had axes and crowbars and jackhammers.
They destroyed the very foundation of life as it was known by the people
and most especially the plants, that lived there.  The people were old.  They had seen beauty
before.  They had seen beauty destroyed and built back up before.  They knew the hope
of being able to rise again.  But, the Bird of Paradise.  They were barely more than
Adolescents.  All they had ever known was beauty and freedom.

(Can you tell that I helped my daughter with her AP history paper last night?
It was on the fall of the Roman Empire.)

Rest In Peace my beauties.

I like to think they are blooming now, even as we speak.  In a better place.
And in the meantime, the sun will rise and set again at our little cottage at the beach.
We will build and we will plant and we will rise again.  We will be thankful for
the little things and the big things that continue to give us hope.  Like the fact that,
every day when the sun rises we have an opportunity to start all over again.




shani z said...

you are more poetic than i ever thought.
i LOVE it!
cause i have those moments in my head and heart sometimes
but never have written them.
plus you genius blogger figured out how to get your margins of blue smaller.
but the writing is really big today,
maybe down one size.

Tia said...

Thanks Shan. I was so happy I could see that dang-gum print because it was so large. But, the average reader is probably not needing the jumbo print. Perhaps it would be good for Nana and Grandpa though. I'm thinkin they probably not going to read my blog. I'll use my mad blogging skills to shrink it down a bit. Keep the comments coming - I can use all the help I can get. Love you more! Tia