13 January 2010

Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

The cockapoo on the left, that's me.The little black and tan one. Some people refer to my coloring as a party mix, hee, hee. I used to be an only child puppy.

I da man. I don't need no stinkin' friends. I like being an only child puppy.

Then this little lady came along. Is that my bone you're chewing sista? No matter. I don't know what it is about you; the soulful eyes, the stubby little tail that wags whenever I come into the room. Or maybe it's just your naturally curly hair? You are so stinking sweet and since you came along a huge burden has been taken off me. I used to be the one my family solely relied upon. I had to do all the work around here, protecting everyone, entertaining them endlessly with my cockapoo antics. And whenever they went away I had to pine alone. Because that's what we cockapoo's do when we are left to our own devices. My mom frequently uses this blog to chronicle my life story. Just check this out and you'll see what real angst is!

But, I regress. My wee Bailey; I just love ya. You're my bestest, best, friend. You have changed my life. I used to be all macho. A big macho fool really. I got banned from doggy beach for not being able to get along with others. (I hated the dog pack mentality there anyway.) My preferred pack consisted of me, my mommy & papa, their kids, a big Golden Retriever whom I reigned dominance over anyway, and an orange, 6 toed, no tail, cat. I was the leader of the pack. That's an overwhelming responsibility for an 8 lb puppy. You have no idea what kind of pressure I was under just to make it all work on a day to day basis. Really people, it's a burden getting all these people and animals to succumb to my will. Exhausting! It's like being a Nelson Mendela or a Ghandi. You could perhaps compare my puppy greatness and machismo to say, Apple's Steve Job's. Did I just put Mendela, Ghandi and Steve Job's in the same sentence? I believe it's important to have a high opinion of oneself in order to reign supreme and be as successful as I am at wrapping everyone around my little paw.

But these days I can relax. I just snuggle in with my BFF and let the cares of the word run their course. We are never apart now, we do everything together. Things like this, click here to see what we do on our day off. Dirty Dogs-A Girls Best Friend. I find that life is serene when you have that special someone you share the responsibilities of life with. That little port-like nook in the storm of life, that you can spoon with. She just makes life a better, easier place for me now. And remember the cardinal rule, "You can never have too much cockapoo love" xoxoxo.


Kieran St Patrick

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww!!!!! Furbabies!!! Too cute!

Our "old" dog was NOT happy with when we first got Sheyla a few years ago. It took them months to adapt and then one day they became best friends!