01 October 2010

Crackbutt of Dawn

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn.  I used to think that people who woke up, never mind got up,  before sunrise, were demented.  Now though, as my poor old self ages and I find it harder and harder to sleep and my body feels like a twisted mess by the time I have been in my bed for over 4 hours, I have a whole new respect for sunrise.  It may just be my new favorite time of day.  Look what I’ve been missing all these years!

And this was only the view from inside!

This one's looking out towards the East, over the city, from my back porch.  Spectacular, yes?  A work of art.

When I was young I could easily sleep until the crack butt of noon.  Yes, I said crack butt.  That’s what we called it.  Not only that, we called the eatery, Jack-In-The-Box, Crack-In-The-Butt. Well, I didn't really call it that but my friend Jenny did.  (Hi Jenny!) Apparently Butt jokes were hysterical when I was young.  Actually, they’re pretty funny now.  

My tummy hurts today so I’m being a lazy butt.  My husband is aiding and abetting me.  He took our kid to school and he’s gonna pick her up for me.  He’s so NOT a butt-head today.  Bwa ahhh ha ha.  Butt jokes are a crack up.  Get it?  CRACK up? 

Okay never mind, when I’m sick I get a little delirious.  I promise to behave and spare you any more butt jokes (if you have any good ones, send ‘em to me).  Instead, I’ll share with you some more pictures of the cottage.  Much more mature butt not as fun.  You may have to promise you’ll send me some jokes to cheer me up though.  Just don't make me spam you! 

Cottage pics as promised.
 You had to know I'd go here.  My beloved tubby.  Looks like a good idea about now.

Have I showed you the knobs we choose for our bathroom?  I love them for their color and because they have little bubbles inside them.  They are from "Anthropologie" and priced about the same as any I liked at Home Depot or Dixieline which are the other two shops I looked at.

Back to the tubby.  I can't help it, it's my own private getaway.  It is the best place in the house to relax, and let all your troubles soak right out the drain.

Our faucets are from Home Depot and I love them for the sweet polished nickel look and the waterfall affect.  It's all about the water for me.

We used the extra marble from our kitchen in our master bath.  I love these medicine cabinets because they match the other architectural details we used such as the moulding and frames for the doorways.  The shower curtain you see in reflection of the mirror is now replaced by a beautiful, seamless, glass door which will in the future,  house a steam shower as well as the regular shower.  Again with the water features!

I leave you now my dears, with my other favorite time of day.  Just before sunset, at the end of summer, when the day is long and most people are packing up their kids and picnics to go home. That's my favorite time to stay and be still.  To absorb all the wonders of the day, the beauty splayed before me.  To feel the warm sun and sand on my skin and bid adieu to another day and now to say hello to another season.  I am truly blessed to live this life and grateful to the creator of the sea, the land and the sky. Thank you God.

Last weekend we had guests from the North west.  They asked that the weather be nice and hot for their visit, as it is already getting down into the 30's in the early mornings there.  So, always compliant, we had a heat wave for them.  It was 90 degrees at the beach and in the low 100s inland (where they sweated through Disneyland and California Adventure).  It was our hottest week of the whole year.  I think the weather people said it was the hottest week on record eveh for that time of year in Cali.  On the side, I loved every minute of it, but I have a feeling Colorado and Montana never looked so good to some people.  If it's any consolation we had a big thunderstorm and it rained yesterday.  I loved that too.  But, I do miss my house guests no matter the weather.  They made life even more fun for a few days.  They also had the sweetest, cutest, best mannered, twin boys I've ever met.  Ooooh, I'm gonna miss them!

Now I'm gonna take my ol tummy ache, and soak it gone in my tubby.  I will hopefully appear like a completely new (and unwarped) person when next you see me.  Thanks for putting up with my silly, cracked self on a bad day.  Imagine how much fun we could have on a good one!

Now, because I put you through so much today, I'm gonna let you have a peek at our new baby.


Abby's first check up.  Check!

Brotherly love.

The moral of this story is, never leave moi alone at home with a tummy ache and a live computer line.




deborah said...

So sorry you have a tummy ache, butt you cracked me up! Your home is so lovely in the most beautiful place..what a blessing!

NanaDiana said...

Amen, Tia! Personally, I rather LIKE warped...but that's just me.

I am loving your house more and more. We tried to get those faucets but they were about 3 months out at the time we re-built this house about 4 years ago. We HAD to have faucets in so that we could get an occupancy permit. So...I ended up with some that I like ALMOST as much but those are still my favorites!

Glad you are enjoying you tubby! It's those pleasures that make life bearable on bad days, isn't it? I took a whirlpool bath BEFORE I came to work today....knew I was gonna need it- I did!

Glad your company had fun in spite of the heat..and what fun to have twins in the house...and that Abby baby- cute as a button. What a blessing.

Okay-I am sneaking these in between odd jobs here at work-gotta go NOW- hugs- Diana

bichonpawz said...

I love warped! But that's just me too!! I absolutely, positively love where you live!!! The views...WOW! The Beach!!! WOW! Hopefully I will be seeing one soon. Hope you are feeling better this evening Tia!!

Rachel Cotterill said...

Love the bath! That's proper style. And I love sunrises, but I'm almost never awake to appreciate them. Hope you feel better soon :)

lori said...

Hope you're feeling better. Views like you have should cure everything from stomach aches to heartaches. And congrats on the baby!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your home, and what a beautiful view.Congrats on the baby...Kathy

kerrie said...

I think we are all a bit silly when not feeling well...I know I am. Its better than being cranky right? Your bath and bathroom are dreaminess that I'm drooling over. And baby Abby is a treasure!!!

BeachGypsy said...

Howdy, thanks for coming to visit on my new front porch! You were my very first follower, so please contact me privately so I can get your little gift from my front porch to YOURS!...thanks!