13 October 2010

Link Me Up Baby

Last week, THIS came to my cottage and it was on a mission.

It was HUGE.  It took up practically the whole street.  They refused to give me one of those cool fluorescent vests but, even so,  I  re-routed cars myself, no orange cones or anything.   I just asked, "Could you please go around, we're moving mountains trees here?"  Most people just pulled over, parked and marveled at he attraction.  You'd a thought we were at the drive-in.

First this thang was lowered onto the street and then hooked up to our new Monterey Cypress Tree. Here following is the Wikipedia explanation of the Cypress.

Cupressus macrocarpa, commonly known as Monterey Cypress or Macrocarpa, is a species of cypress that is endemic to the Central Coast of California. In the wild, the species is confined to two small populations, near Monterey and CarmelCalifornia[2] These two small populations represent what was once a very large forest on the west coast. The surviving trees from this forest are as old as 2000 years.

Sadly, we had to take out our beautiful Rubber Tree when we did our remodel.  The roots were invading the foundation of the cottage and we extended the family room out so...  The former tree provided privacy, and some shelter for the backyard.  Also it was evergreen, easy to care for and required little more water than acquired from the fog and slight rain we get here on the coast.  Our new Cypress has the same qualities and when it is mature can be what they refer to as, "laced" to give it the exact height and shape we desire.

RIP Rubber Tree.
Welcome Cypress.

Getting our new tree into the back yard was no easy task.  Since we are in our early 50's we figured we needed a fairly large tree so that we can enjoy it in our lifetime. This tree is a little over 18 feet tall.  There is little space down the sides of the cottage so a tree this size can't be carted on a dolly.  Can't go under, so we had to go over.

There were a lot of wires to avoid as we live in an older neighborhood from the days before they buried wires underground.  The guy maneuvering this crane was an artist in his own right.  I just couldn't believe what it took to get that crane with an 18' Cypress, from the street, over the house and down into our back yard.  Truly,  it was an Aaaaaamazing sight.  If only I could have sold tickets!

This may be my new dream job.  The crane operator is a navigator who knows how to drive heavy equipment.   He gets to work on interesting projects, wear cheery and holiday appropriate clothing and best of all,  he gets to bring his pup to work!  This little guy just sat on his daddy's lap and enjoyed the ride.  I remarked how sweet and relaxed he looked and the operator said, "yeah but he has the loyalty of a Fig Leaf.  If you wanted to take him in your car right now, he'd hop right in and never look back."  Oh.  Well sir, it looks to me like this little guy is just in it for the ride and, who could blame him?

Here comes the tree, right over the roof of our cottage.  You can see the older more mature Cypress in the far right of the picture.  I like to think, that when the new tree passed by overhead, the old one wished it luck and spread on all its magnificence and ancient wisdom.  I also think it said, "you're gonna like it here little one - now that this remodel is over!  Oh and by the way,  sweet ride!"

Our new tree was gently lowered over the cottage and then down
and down...

Right into the nice big hole we dug for it.

So comfy and secure.  Ready to put down roots here,  just like us the rest of us.

So now, here's what we see from inside the cottage.  Someday (hopefully in our lifetime) this tree will be tall enough to lace and then it will look just like the one on the North side of the cottage.

Our new Cypress and a view of the hills beyond.  I can't wait to see the sunrise with our new tree in the foreground.  I plan on enjoying a cuppa on a daily basis whilst gazing lovingly at my new tree.  Maybe some of you could join me sometime?

This is the Cypress that lives on the North side of the cottage.  I can't guess how old she is but, she towers over the house.  A family of Raccoons live in there and we had to make a serious deal with them after several noisy mishaps which kept us awake for many a night.  We won't bother you,  if you don't bother us.  The lady down the street is feeding them now and that's mostly what they're in it for so, as long as that nice, accommodating woman doesn't move, we're all good.   Everybody's happy.  When our new Cypress grows up she'll look just like this more mature one.  Oh, what we have to look forward to!

On another note-
Cooper came home from Uni up in Los Angeles last weekend just to meet his new niece, Miss Abigail Rose.  He was completely smitten.
• ( smitten) be strongly attracted to someone or something he was so smitten with the baby.

Yep, and you can see why. 

Love ya more than all my amazing blessings,



NanaDiana said...

Well, I have never seen a square rooted tree before! That is the most amazing square hole for a rootball I ever saw! Good job!>)

I think your next endeavor should be as a story teller. You do it so well! I felt like I was right there standing beside you watching the whole danged process. We had to put a berm on one side of our place and then planted some type of fir thingy on them. I am not going to go dig out the paperwork for them right now so I can tell you what they REALLY are-thank you very much for understanding. Anyway...when they planted them they were about 5-1/2' tall and I was so disappointed in their size. He said (tree man) that these will really take off and grow UP fast. Two years later and they are double (maybe triple) their original size...and they are not SKINNY anymore either. I hate a skinny fir tree-don't you? I want coverage, baby, coverage.

Speaking of which...if I don't get this laundry situation under wraps (covered-coverage-get it?...never mind) and head out the door I am gonna be in deep doo-doo. Figuratively speaking, of course.

IF and WHEN I stop by I will bring a carrier of Starbucks with me...and we can sit and look out the window at your beautiful UNlaced tree. Just two gals that are not wrapped too tight-watching a tree-Yep...and there we have it- Ta-dah- Diana

Amy said...

Oh my goodness!!! First a cool post with moving HUGE trees (seriously, I was mezmorized!) and then you throw in an adorable baby at the end!
Love it;)

Amanda said...

Very cool! I think it's a great idea to put in the biggest tree possible so you can get maximum enjoyment from it. And what a sweet baby!

Toyin O. said...

Wow, that looks like quite a challenge and you were up for the task. Cute picture of baby.


shani z said...

love the tree
love coop
and i do believe i am smitten too!
love your updates.
can't wait to see you soon.

GoldenValley50 said...

Great tree - will you be able to string fairy lights on it at Christmas? Love the cute little pup and the even CUTER Miss Abigail. ;)Sharyne

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

love this post!!!!I'm smitten too

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

We lost 2 trees this summer, both very old, very tall, very privacy producing. Hubby promised we would replant this fall, and so I am waiting, not too patiently. At first he had promised a BIG tree. Now that he knows how much they cost, we are having to settle for a NOT-SO-BIG tree. Boo Hoo. Still, any tree is better than no tree, and I can build a privacy trellis between me and the new house going up next door.
Great Post!

Mark Kreider said...

Fantastic blog! Loved your comments about getting up early. So many people miss this time of the day entirely. For me, the dawn is a gift I give to myself.

Anonymous said...

That contraption would have came in so handy when we were planting all of our trees! Your cypress looks beautiful! What a great addition it will be to your yard as it grows larger.
Oooohh... Abigail is just a little angel!! Of course your son was smitten... who wouldn't be! ;-) Congratulations on your new grandbaby!!
~ Jo :)

Beach Vintage said...

What an operation. Amazing!

BONNIE K said...

It never would have occurred to me that trees could be planted this way! Abigail is beautiful...i

Marlene said...

I arrived here from someone elses blog, and I'm glad I did. Your cottage makeover is wonderful!