24 January 2011

She Treasures Sea Shells

She Treasures Sea Shells

If you can say that 3 times fast, you win the prize.  

Just kidding again.  No prizes for you.  As I tell my kids, "Your prize is just in knowing how well you completed the task."  Yes, ~ I am that annoying.

Back when we started the ordeal adventure of remodeling our little cottage, I decided to revamp an old vanity I had in storage.  Although I don't happen to have any before pics; let me tell ya, she was in sad shape.  Originally she had a very dark and shiny stained was chipped up (but not in a good way).  All the hinges were loose so the mirror just sort of flopped around and the bench seat had lost all semblance of anything which could be construed as safe enough to sit on.

This is how she looked after I painted her, and shelled her, and she got a whole new lease on life in my daughter's bedroom.  I used a semi-gloss cream color which I have absolutely no recollection of at this time.  This was BB (before blog) so I had no idea you'd want to know.  I know better now.  I'll get my facts and sources straight in the future.  Hopefully I promise.

I believe this vanity may have been another inheritance from one of my dads' x-wives before her hasty escape  departure.   I've seemed to inherit a few items in this manner.  It's a good thing I can make trash into treasure.

So y'all know the DIY drill.  Gather your material and supplies, do your thang, clean it up, snap some pics and blog it up.  Which I did, as you can see from the beautiful after photo above.

Except  then we moved all our earthly belongings into a storage unit, lived to tell through remodeling hell, shlepped everything out of storage and found much to our dismay that more than one thing emerging from storage didn't fare as well as some others.  The vanity, which had after its initial revamp shown so proudly, looked a bit sad.  Most of the shells had fallen off and the hinges needed more tightening and we just plum lost the bench altogether.

So, a revamp on the revamp was in order.  First get the tools out.  I always use a straight edge razor blade when I use the glue gun.  I tend to make a big stringy mess that needs a lot of correcting when I go for the gun, and these puppies seem to get the job done.

I use shells which I collect practically on a daily basis.  I get them from beaches all over, and they sit on my window sills, in drawers, closets, jars and there is always a stray one or two somewhere in my car.  They are always on rotation for some kind of project or gift or what other.  What other?  What ever.

What is life, if there are not seashells and a bit of sand underfoot?  I dunno, but I don't want to live there.

Art is a messy process.  A 16 year olds bedroom is a work of art mess.  Even before her mother goes to work in there.  Which by the way, said daughter doesn't love, even though she loves the finished project.

A quick glimpse of the beauty and splendor  the vanity is today.  I padded and recovered an old desk chair, so there is now a comfy seat.  I never did find that old bench.  The hinges on the mirror got tightened and everything battened down.  Let your eyes feast and give it a good once over because it will never look this unfettered again.  This was for photographic purposes only.  I've been kicked out of her bedroom (for now), and here is how it has looked ever since.

Okay, so we don't have the same aesthetics, my daughter and I.  But she obviously knows how to use her new vanity.  I'd still be standing there photographing it and complimenting myself on what a great job I did beautifying it and bringing it back to life.  I'd be all, "Look how clean and pristine the vanity looks now."  Then she'd be all, "Could ya get out of my room so I can put my make-up on?"  See?  She makes much better use of it than I would.  But it sure looked prettier when I was just standing there talking about it!

Oh my.  Speaking of pretty.  I think it all worked out in the end.  She looks beautiful, has a fun place to utilize and exercise her vanity and I get to enjoy it all.  By the way, the cute little smirk smile you see here is the same one she uses when she tells me to vacate her room.  It's just enough cute that she knows, that I know, that she knows, that I know, she's only kidding.  We all know who's in charge here.  ?  .  ?  ...

By the way my friends, my camera had an unfortunate and untimely drowning accident in my purse which has resulted in its demise.  Yes, I said drowning accident in my purse.  I live a complicated life okay?  My camera is RIP-ing in camera heaven.  But that's a whole sad story for a whole other post.  At this point any blogging must be done with archived photos from my iphoto files.  Lucky for me I have 57,000 of them.  But still.

I'm now pursuing whether to buy the same camera (A Cannon-D10), or to upgrade to an SLR.  Any suggestions gratefully welcomed.

Love ya more than all the 80 degree days we've had here at the beach in the past two weeks. And I'm not bragging.  Okay, I'm bragging.  But that's because I want you to know exactly how BIG I love ya!




Pam said...

Love the vanity! Very shabby chic. And daughter is lovely. Just plain chic. LOL!

Karen said...

Well I can promise you I love you more than the 10 degrees we have HERE right now.

Great job with the vanity, and wow what a beautiful daughter -

mice_aliling said...

Hi Tia, the vanity table turned out to be lovely. I could never being that far away from the beach or from the water. GOod luck on the camera hunting. I really want a DSLR but its bulkiness kept me from buying it. I just bought the best compact camera. I'm very very happy with it :)


NanaDiana said...

80º? Are you freaking kidding me? We got to ZERO yesterday...I kid you NOT...all the way to ZERO...and with the wind chill it was like 26º below zero....and you think you are spreading LOVE by telling me that? Remind me to crunch up the really good shells after you spot them and just before you can grab them..kay? LOL

Okay..now that we got that past us...I love your vanity. Does your Dad live in CA? Is he looking for another wife? Do you think I would do? Oh..wait...there is the minor problem of MyHero...He probably would not want me to leave the Midwest to marry your Dad...at least not today..because I was VERY VERY good this weekend...but we won't go into that today.

So..I love your darling daughter..she has a sassy look about her (my favorite look of all time) and I love your dresser... and I love your dresser mirror but mostly I just love you..cuz you are the coolest thing since the Green Bay Packers won the NFC championship yesterday...yeah...you are THAT cool! Hugs xxoo Diana

kerrie of sea cottage said...

That is very creative.

Debbie Dillon said...

What a gorgeous vanity mirror! I'm sure it was a lot of work, but it turned out beautifully. Speaking of beautiful...your daughter! My goodness. So pretty.
So sorry about your purse :( that's horrible.
Beautiful blog. Take care and God Bless :)

Kat said...

Love the vanity redo. I have a desk that I want to paint. Did you spray or brush? Sorry about your camera - your purse sounds alot like mine LOL. I have a Canon Rebel and I love it - it takes beautiful pictures, but is fairly easy to use (I'm techno challenged) My husband has some fancy pants Canon SLR that I'm afraid to touch. His photos are GORGEOUS, but I'm not that motivated :) Your daughter is a cutie pie, she's making good use of all your hard work! Enjoy your weather! Kat

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh yea? well it's a big 45 degrees here today. It's a damn heat wave after 14 yesterday. So nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, you are funny and beautiful and creative and you have beautiful children.

me (your husband)

Jenny said...

I am so dumb. When I first looked at this I thought it was a nook edged in shells with a twin bed tucked inside it.

Geez. That was just the reflection in the mirror. What a cool transformation...even if it wasn't a nook.

Your daughter is beautiful.

Amy said...

Ok, your husband's comment is SO freaking cute I can't even stand it:)

Beautiful vanity, beautiful daughter!

Sorry about your camera mama, but the thought of a new toy sounds fun;)

bichonpawz said...

What a fabulous job you did on the remake!! I adore shells...on anything! And sand!! I guess it's because I don't see enough of it! EIGHTY degrees? We were at a balmy 15!!

I love you anyways. Really I do!! But I do miss your sunny beach pics!! I still love my Canon point and shoot!!

bichonpawz said...

Your daughter is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great transformation, Tia! Love the seashells! How lucky you are to have 80 degree weather... so jealous over here! ;-) We've had socked in fog all week long... :(
Hope you have a fabulous upcoming weekend!
~ Jo :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. meant to tell you... beautiful picture of your daughter!

Toyin O. said...

Love the vanity mirror, am so jealous of your weather. Your daughter is a lovely girl.

nat said...

love that vanity! you did a fabulous job on the mirror!

thanks so much for stopping by my lil blog!

p.s. your daughter is beautiful!