17 May 2013

Graduation Day Baby!

Spring has sprung in California.
Last weekend was my lucky 3!  My oldest son graduated University.  It was Mother's Day and this Momma had all five of her kids together at one time.  Can you say - CHRISTMAS PICTURE?  And,
my youngest son left for his stint in the United States Armed Forces on Sunday evening after months of planning and preparation.  He was so excited and ready to go serve his country.  You could feel his enthusiasm and not help but to be happy for him!  Well, you don't , but I do.  I'm finding that I have a new affinity for momma's who let their babies grow up to be soldiers.  Then again, as all momma's know, if your kids are happy, you're happy!

We even talked our Mimi into tagging along.  She has MS and must now use a walker and a wheel chair.  Heat affects her too.  MS is frankly a disease that sucks like all others, but our Mimi is an inspiration.  The smile never left her lovely face, she never complained once although I know she must have been way over tired.  Besides that, she taught us drinking songs from her college days the entire 2 1/2 hour drive up to Los Angeles!

How about this one:  Drink, drank, drunk last night, drunk the night before
                                   Gonna get drunk tonight, like we've never been drunk before!

Gotta love home car schooling, Mimi style!

 This here is our official Loyola Marymount University graduate.
Feeling the love as we piled into his little house from two cars!
These have been his haunts for the past 4 years.  He's loved every minute of it.  I spent the first eighteen years of my life trying to escape the smog and traffic and over- crowding of LA, but I guess DNA wins out because, he spent his four years of high school, working on his GPA just so he could attend his dream school up in LA where I was born and grew up.  And he's loved every minute of it!
 Biiiiiiig hugs from everybody.  His sister who's VERY pregnant made the treck, and the tricky, mom magic of getting sitters, and friends (and an awesome hubby) to tend to and schedule her other six kids at home.

The Baccalaureate Mass was spectacular!  The choir had a jazz ensemble and the entire mass was seeped in the beauty of our rich Catholic Tradition.  I may have cried.
There was a huge party afterward, given by the University.  The entire quad was full of food, sushi stations,  dippin' dots, rocking bands and CONGRATULATIONS to all Graduates.
Can you believe that my family came from San Diego, Seattle and Illinois, just to be together to celebrate their, son-brother-grandson?  I was the luckiest Mom on earth last weekend.  Oh, did I mention that my newest granddaughter is in her momma's belly, there on the far right?  Yup, she is!

 Proud, proud, beaming, bragging parents with their son.  No excuses.  Sorry.
The fab five.  We missed our two sons in law, but to have my forevers back together, made this picture worth a thousand words for this now, empty nester.  Who by the way, so far, hates, hates, hates it!
 This touching bronze statue on campus overlooking Los Angeles to the Hollywood hills, represents the students who passed on during their time at LMU.  There are plaques at the base, with their names, remembering all of the students for the past 100 years.  I think it is a beautiful tribute for those of us who believe that souls live on forever, never to be forgotten.
Never mind that we were pounded by 85 degrees in the direct sun for four hours of graduation and two hours of mind numbing traffic trying to get out of the campus afterwards.  We still had fun.  My hubby was so happy and so grateful he couldn't wipe the smile off his face and even offered to carry all our heavy purses when we looked like we were going to topple over from exhaustion.  (Actually his grin belies the fact that he no longer has to pay the bill for Cooper's University and it was akin to getting a big fat raise!)  Whatever floats your boat darlin'.  You're a good man.
Congratulations son!  We couldn't be prouder of you.  Now come home and live with your momma forever, K?

Love you more than how happy my weekend made me!



PS   Your promised sunset...

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