18 April 2014

Time Fly's At Cottage By The Sea

As they say, "where does the time go?"  I sure have missed y'all in my long absence.  My only excuse is that, I've been living my life and ignoring my blog.  I'm off to Ireland again soon though so, I thought I'd get my writing skills honed a wee bit before I hit the road.

This past few months, when it seemed as if I'd dropped off the face of the blogging world, I've been intensely busy.  We had a graduation from University, a surprise pregnancy, an engagement, my daughter started nursing school, another moved across country, two grandchildren were born, my soldier made Ranger school and my eldest son got a job with the largest design/architectural firm in the world!  So…. I promise to tell all the stories to the horror of my children  because, I've never been one to hold back.  They don't know it yet, but that's actually why they love me!

Before I venture back to the old country, where I am afforded the time, space and inspiration to write and write and write; here is a little something I love watching over and over.  I want to share it with you because, even though I know I've been gone for so long, I know you're still out there and will come say hi again.  Isn't that why we're here?  I know how much it means to me to have this space to share and to be able to come into your homes and share your lives too.

This is my precious family, didn't strangle a-one this year as we baptise the two newest members of our clan, Rebecca and Finnegan.

Come visit me and let me know how you're doing.  I'll write you back and visit your blog too.  I missed each and every one of you.  I truly did!  Until then, on this Good Friday and as always.



I hope you can see the following video.  If you can't I've done something terribly wrong on this dang contraption again.  But the video is kind of a summation of the past few months.  Let me know , K?

And don't think I haven't forgotten that I owe you a sunset or two from our vantage at the cottage.  I feel better already.  How about you?

Love you more than all the sunsets.  Love.  Pass it on.

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