10 November 2009

A November sunset at the cove.

Hey, it's the second Tuesday of November 2009, and you know what that means don't ya?
It's" blog a sunset" day.  Nah, I'm just making that up.  I do that all the time.  I just like messing with you.  Like for instance, did you know that November is adopt a Senior month?  Just kidding, besides, I already have one anyway.  But you are gonna get a sunset.  That's just the kind of gal I am.  And if you want a senior, I can give you one of those too because, I have one I don't want anymore. 

You know what tomorrow is don't ya?  It's Veteran's Day.  No, for real, it's Veteran's Day.   I know because, my kids have get to stay home, and drive me insane  have a lovely day off from school.  So thank a soldier today.  Give a soldier a hug.  Heck, go ahead and give a soldier a kiss. 

 Happy Veterans Day Dears and, God Bless America!

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