12 October 2009

Behind Closed Doors

The remodel of our "Cottage By The Sea," is opening a lot of doors for us.
Come see!

Hark!  What lies here behind closed doors?

To find out just ring the doorbell.  The doorbell on the left.  Hmmm.  The doorbell was there just last month.  Now there's a square hole where the doorbell used to
be.  But, no problem because you can now enter through any window or any door.
Just step on through.  This cottage has no secrets.  Nothing to hide.  No privacy.


Step this way. I'm so glad you're here. I 
just love unexpected company!  You don't
have to go getting all nervous or primpy for them. 

Why don't we go on through this door, into the family room. Please, have a seat and enjoy the view.

Are you hungry?  (Matter of fact, I am.)  Lets go on into the kitchen and grab a bite to eat shall we?  Then we can go right through that door there on the left and see if we can find the kids.

Sorry, I forgot, the stove is now in Maggie's room.
I don't even know where the fridge is, and Mother Hubbard, I do believe your pantry is bare!

But I do think I see a kid down there.  See, right there through where the floor used to be; way down there in Cooper's room?  Lets go check.

Lets try this door here. This door leads to Kate's room.  It's the quickest way to get to Cooper's room.  Why look, there's Bailey.  She's been trying to find Cooper and Kate for a month now. Poor puppy. She will be eternally confused after this.  Look at her.
She doesn't know if she's coming or going.

The kids aren't coming to the door.  If you look through there you can see they aren't home.  Matter of fact, you can see right through their rooms clear to the fence beyond.  Poor Bailey.  Just look at her now.  My heart goes out to her. She didn't know she was signing on for this when she came to live here.

Come over here to the left.  Over here by the waterheater.
Lets see if we can find them if we go through this door here,
into the basement.

Nope.  No one.  Well, this is just on the verge of rude.  I don't know what's wrong with those kids.  I've always told them, "remember, good manners will open doors that the best education will not."

But since we're here — look at that awesome new retaining wall.  It is like, 6' tall.  I do believe it's holding up the whole house!  That couldn't have been easy to build, being way down here under the house and all.

Just ask these guys.  They shot all the cement, and slid all the blocks down a wooden plank through this hole in the floor upstairs.  One,
by one, by one.  We like to do things the old fashioned way 'round

Okay, lets walk up the side of the house and try this door here.  This is the back-door into the garage.  This is our last shot at finding anyone because, frankly I'm tired of looking for those kids.

Nope.  There is no way to even get to this door.  Just look at that mess.  Oh well, "When one door closes another always opens."

I always thought that Jesus said that but, it wasn't him.  It was Helen Keller.

Why don't you go on home now?  I'm sure you're exhausted.  I know I am.  Come back soon though because I know eventually these doors are going to lead to somewhere.  And just remember, until then, the door for discussion is always open...

Love you more than all the closed, open, and missing doors at the cottage.



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