28 October 2009

Dirt Rocks!

Work at the cottage has slowed down for the moment.  Slowed down is not really a phrase you want to hear when you're doing a remodel.  But sometimes, at certain points in a remodeling project, you have to be very patient.  That's when you say to yourself, "Self, what were you thinking when you were praying for patience?  Self, you know that when you ask Him for patience, He gives you something you have to be patient about just to make you practice!"  That's just the way it works.

I'm no remodel virgin, and I understand patience.  So, I am just going to wait.  And even though I can hardly wait to step over the bridge and walk 'round the corner and see progress, like wrapping, and wiring, plumbing and insulating and drywall for goodness sakes!  For now, I'm just going to practice patience.

This is David.  David of, "David Reed and Associates Landscape Architects".

Can you guess what David is doing here?  I'll give you a minute.  Okay, I'll spare you.  You won't win any prizes for this guess.  This is just a simple little family blog and I don't have any prizes to offer.

David took the big, heavy cover off the water meter.  (Do you know where your water meter is?)  Did you know that you even had a water meter?  Me either.  David is dusting off the innards of the water heater with his pen.  Yeah, landscape architects are very technical.  They dust stuff off with a pen.  Our water meter turned out to be 3/4 inch.  Now that's a big water meter!  Just kidding ya.  I have no idea if that's a big water meter.  But it's not the size that counts...

Turns out we have good dirt.  Our dirt is sandy and it compacts nicely.  There is no clay.  Apparently landscape architects like that kind of dirt.  At least David does.
I choose to be optimistic.  I choose to be optimistic.  I choose to be optimistic.  Dirt rocks!

Dirt rocks!

And what do you think about that kitty?  What do you think kitty?  Kitty?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

Love you more than all the dirt and rocks just laying about the cottage right now.


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