02 December 2009

Water Is Life, Especially If You Need Your Sheets Washed


We are in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.  It's the rainiest island in Hawaii, but apparently we are on the sunny side.  Who cares if it's raining anyway - were in Hawaii!

We arrived at sunset.  The wind was blowing so it was a bumpy landing.  I looked out the window and thought well, if I'm gonna die, this wouldn't be the worst place to do it.

No, not bad at all.

Poetry.  I guess it wasn't time to meet my maker after all.  It's a good thing too because I don't think I'm totally prepared.

Anyway, from the beautiful Kauai, "E'Komo Mai" (Welcome) and Aloha.

Our room overlooks the ocean and has a breathtaking view.  The hotel covers 50 acres so I have a feeling I may spend a little lot of time being lost here.  Well, you know what they say, the best adventures are had when you're lost.  I don't know what kind of ijiot said that.  Helene.

The island of Kauai is lush and green.  It is the garden state and the wettest of all the islands.  But also, they have recycling containers inside every room and everywhere you go outside.  'He Wai Ola' - 'water is life', is the slogan here. ' E pulama mai kakou i ko kakou aina aloha' means, together we can make a difference and preserve the resources of our island home.  Translated that means, 'we're not gonna change you sheets or towels unless you ask us to'.  Crap.  Me ask?  I'll just go dip 'em in the stream I saw around the bend and call it a day.  I love being green and all but, can't we be green and clean?

Whilst looking for a stream to rinse out the sheets I saw this guy.  I whispered, 'dude', if you're going to be shy about your private parts, maybe you shouldn't be running around naked and all!"

Then I saw he had a little friend and both of them were in the buff and neither of them looked too comfortable about it either.  Then the one in the back said, "hey you, little red-head with the Cannon, we're covering up because you're stalking around in the bushes trying to take a picture of us when we're about to perform our native ritual."  "We have to find a stream and bathe and then we have to run back to our huts naked because of 'E pulama mai kakou i ko kakou aina aloha', and all.  "Oh dude!"  "So sorry",  I said.  "I have the same problem and I totally get ya."  "I'll just be going now." " Bye, bye."'

 'He Wai Ola' 
 'Water Is Life'

The sights around here are breathtaking.  I don't quite get the preserve water thing though, since it's the rainiest island and all.  I see a lot of water around here.  Pretty much everywhere you turn there's water.  Fresh water, salt water, tap water.  For a Californian that's a sight to behold.  Perhaps we don't have enough water back home because I'm constantly washing towels and sheets.  Now I feel bad.  It's probably all my fault.  I'm going home and changing my ways.  I'm gonna be all over that ' E pulama mai kakou i ko kakou aina aloha'!

Until we meet again, aloha and remember, I love you more than all the water in Hawaii!



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