01 December 2009


This used to be a sweet, stuffed frog toy.  It was a fluffy little plaything I gave to my pup to chase and carry and play tug-a-war with.  But I got my suitcase out.  When I get my suitcase out my puppy's get a startled expression on their faces.  They tilt their little cockapoo heads to the side and then it appears.  The sad face. The more clothes that go into the suitcase, the sadder the face.  And then, because cockapoos just can't take it when you're going to leave them.  This happens.  The innocence of a frog is compromised just because I'm leaving the pups, even if only for a while.

It's a way for this gal to burn off her frustration.  She rips and tears and chews until she can't no more!  She exercises her teeth all the way down to her gums.  She has jaws of steel.

And this is the result of cockapoo wrath.  The savage butchery of a frog.  He didn't know this was going to be his fate when he became the companion of a furry little puppy with big green eyes.  No, he had no idea he would not live long and prosper.  He just wanted to be somebody's little buddy.

Can you feel the pain here people?  Want to guess what this was?  This was her tiger.  It was, it, well it was.  I just can't talk about it.  I'm going to have to admit my guilt in this matter.  I left the puppy's twice. Twice in one week.  I packed up the suitcase to go to the desert for Thanksgiving.  I couldn't help it.  I have family there and puppy's weren't invited to dinner.  I left them with a sweet friend. A sweet puppy loving friend whom they know and love.  I know she took good care of them and they got all their treats and love and attention.  But then I came home for only one day and was packing again.  The look of shock on their faces was undeniable.  I ached with the guilt of it.  But some things cannot be helped.  I was packing for a trip that was planned a long time ago.  A business trip.  A bonus, incentive, somebody else takes you and pays for it,  awesome, tropical trip.  With my husband.  For a week.  It's a yearly thing and we can't miss it.  It's for shmoozing and relaxing with cohorts in business.  I know.  But somebody's got to do it.

Look at her!  She's a whirling dervish.  She has no care for the chaos she ensues.  This is what you get my friends, when you desert a cockapoo.  And it's sad.  And if there was any way I could take them with me, believe you me I would.  I'm still trying to talk our priest into letting them come to mass on Sunday's.  After all, there was St Francis of Assisi.  I'll just be he took a few animals to church.  Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  I have deserted my cockapoos.

I left them with this guy.  He has to wear a Lacrosse helmet because, well because you saw what happened to the frog and the tiger.  That is Bailey's mad face. It's her, "I can't believe you could do this to a puppy as cute as me" face.

And this is her sad face.  She's just given up all hope.  The suitcase is zipped up and waiting by the front door.  There's no turning back now.  But lest you feel too sorry, I did leave them with two kids who are big enough not to pull hair or tease.  And with Andy too.  You remember Andy don't ya?

He's not so bad once you clean him up a bit.

In the meantime the puppies will wait for me to return.  They'll lay right here on the sofa together in their misery and wait for the mommy to come home.  They'll lay here right beside my teenagers.  Oh wait.  Don't see any teenagers here do ya?  Nope.  Not likely to either.  They're out tearing up the town because their mom and dad are long gone and there isn't much time to go for it and feel your freedom and raise cain with the babysitter until your parents come home.  They don't feel the need to grieve and wait like the puppy's do.  Their allowance won't run out for at least a week and you have to make hay while the sun shines!  But the cockapoos, they don't know if it will be in 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days until we come home.  It's all the same to them.  They will be as happy to see me if I'm gone the longest time or the shortest because that's the way they are.  They just love me with all their cockapoo hearts and that's the way love should be.

Bye bye Mommy.  We'll be waiting...

Love you more than the size of a cockapoo heart!


Come back and visit here soon because I'm going to show you where I am on my vacation.

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Jennifer said...

Poor frog...but those are some really cute dogs! I had a German Shepherd that passed away last year but he was obsessed with squeaky toys, not just as a puppy but his whole life. You could always tell where he was at by following the squeaking.