08 December 2009

Flashlight Envy

I had a bad day today...  My golf hero Tiger Woods is allegedly a sex addict. I found out my kids hate me, and the last 15 years of devoted parenting has been in vain. I know these things to be  true because the sources were impeccable, in the following order.  People magazine and the mouth of a 15 year old girl with PMS.

It also turns out that, when taking the new sump pump to the cottage tonight, the boyz needed flashlights.  Look who came out on the short end of the stick.  Great!  Now I have a husband with flashlight envy.

I'm going to take an Ambien and go to bed.  If I get up and drive, run into 4 objects before I get off my street and Scott is found smashing in my car window with a golf club... Call People magazine because I'm pretty sure my 15 year old won't lift a finger to save me.


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