11 December 2009


"Pentair Water"   ROCKS THE HOUSE!

Did I mention that the company that took us on vacation to Hawaii  last week was, "Pentair"?  Double click on the blue link above and you can read all about their products.  Not only do they have the best swimming pool equipment, they are some of the nicest, most fun people you'd ever want to hang out with. 
 For example, this cute family here. They are stellar.  They are, each and every one of them, a delight to spend time with. 

There were aquatic splash sporting events all week.

These guys take their splashing sports to a whole new level.  

Here's to those who got their game - on in the extreme,  basketball to the hoop, water wrestling, no holds barred,  no rules, everybody's a winner, pool shenanigans.  You guys were very entertaining.  Hopefully some of the skin has grown back on the bottom of your feet by now!

Our trip to Kauai last week was a little slice of heaven. Our hosts, Pentair Water, most awesome and gracious as always!  The weather was a picture perfect 84 degrees every day.  We ate in restaurants which were culinary delights.  We visited and made friends with people in the swimming pool industry from all over the country.  Some whom were escaping several feet of snow and frozen tundra on the home front.  You have never seen fun until you've seen people who have come from frozen to thaw for one week, before they go back to frozen again.  These people define fun!

Oh yeah.  They're all about that.

Some of you may not recognize that tattoo of an angel on my arm there. It's not my fault.  I did not go out and get all liquor'd up and spend my hard earned money at a tattoo parlor.  I did not do what I've told my kids not to do every time they leave the house on a Saturday night. I did not.  Pentair did it.  

I typically sit at home on any given day, between piles of laundry and ironing and minivan driving - carpooling;  and I  daydream just like everybody else.  I realize I'm in way over my head most of the time and I need to escape.  Sometimes, up in my room where I can look across the train tracks, over the Pacific Coast Hwy route 101, at the tattoo parlor all lit up in neon lights and such.  I think to myself, holy crap!  That must hurt.  

Last week though, my life was all about cool Tat's and bitchen Harley's.  Lord help me.   

Yep.  Tat's and Harley's and my old man.   

Here's my other Hog.  This is the one I leave parked out in front of my house.  It says, I'm bad.  I'm not just a G rated, minivan driving, carpooling mommy/housewife.  I'm bad and Pentair made me bad!

It wasn't just little old ladies like me involved either.

  There were little children too.  Like Mack here.  

No, really.  There were hundreds of innocent men, women and children involved!  No one left unscathed.

I want to Thank you, Pentair.  Thank you for forcing helping me to realize my innermost fantasy of being a bad ass, motorcycle riding, tattoo'd mama.  

I hope you realize though, that, there is no turning back after this.  I had fun.  I had so much fun that I cried like a little baby when I had to come home.  So I'm gonna have to go back and do this all again in Cabo next year!  Just try and make me stay home.  I'm bad.  I'm bad.  I'm really, really, bad.

Before I left the island I went to confession at the oldest church on the island of Kauai.

After all my Pentair induced sinning, I sure hope it took.  

Umm, whoops.  There she goes again.  I guess it's a personal thing. 

Did I mention that Pentair is Eco Friendly?  Check it out here.  Pentair is Eco Friendly & Green!

As for me and my tats.  We'll just be dreaming about laying beside the lagoon drinking Pina Colada's.

I love you Pentair!  And all your little friends too.

P.S.  Oh and by the way.  Note to the Ansara Spa at the Grand Hyatt, Kauai regarding the 20 gallons of luxurious  Coco Mango body lotion that disappeared from your location.  I'm not ashamed to say, I ate it.



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Helene said...

Your post makes me wanna hop on a plane and go to Kauai!! I went there a couple years ago and it was beautiful!! I'm so envious that you were just there! Looks like you all had such a great time!!

Found you through SITS! Happy Saturday!